Please find here access to synopses of my courses and resources for my students.

My teaching emphasizes revisiting the traditional western philosophy canon to expand it so that it addresses the gender, class, economic, race, and environmental turns. As such, my courses provide a historical foundation of western philosophy while pairing classics with contemporary and critical thinkers that are often excluded in androcentric, anthropocentric and eurocentric treatments of western thought. Through my own schooling and teaching I continue to engage an ongoing dialogue with 'what counts' as knowledge, what should be included, and why. I invite your feedback and conversation.


course descriptions

Descriptions available for courses in my current teaching rotations. Syllabi available upon request.




Resources available for current students at Elizabethtown College in the philosophy program, PPLS, enrolled in courses with Dr. Poole or conducting research with her.


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for educators (COming soon)

Resources I find useful in teaching, including workshops or ongoing projects related to teaching and revising philosophy curricula.