Photograph Courtesy of Samantha Noll 2016.

Photograph Courtesy of Samantha Noll 2016.

Hello and Welcome!

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies at Elizabethtown College in Central Pennsylvania. I am also Associate Managing Editor of the international journal, Environmental Ethics, a founding journal of the field. My work focuses on developing avenues for social and environmental justice within education, public discourse, and empowering community engagement with policy.

My primary research is in comparative environmental philosophy, post-colonial philosophy, environmental ethics, and urban sustainability. My work emphasizes revisiting the traditional western philosophy canon to expand it so that it addresses gender, class, race, and environmental turns. I also provide local workshops, lectures and editorial services for the community.  I enjoy photography, ethnography and creative writing, all of which keep me company in my travels.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in liberal arts at St. John’s College, known for its “Great Books Program,” with a double major in the history of mathematics and science. At the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas, the first program to hold a PhD in Environmental Philosophy in the United States, I completed a Masters in Environmental Science and a Masters in Environmental Philosophy with a minor in Environmental Anthropology. At UNT, I completed my doctoral work through my dissertation “Urban Sustainability and The Extinction of Experience: Acknowledging Biocultural Loss for Socio-Ecological Well-Being” in 2015. I have co-authored a number of scholarly articles exploring issues of ethical & ecological literacies and biocultural conservation.

At Elizabethtown College, I have taught introductory courses in ethics, logic and philosophy, as well as a series of “Perspectives” research seminars, including, "Comparative Environmental Philosophy: Perspectives from the America," "Philosophy of the City and Everyday Life," and "Perspectives in Sustainability." I was a recipient of the 2016 Community Based Learning Award from the Civic and Community Engagement Center at Elizabethtown College. I am invested in working with students to apply moral reasoning and philosophy to their careers and encourage students to contact me about possible research projects or ways in which they can explore philosophy in conjunction with their professional and personal development.

My CV is available HERE.