Hello and Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies at Elizabethtown College in Central Pennsylvania. I am also Associate Managing Editor of the international journal, Environmental Ethics, the founding journal of the field. My work focuses on developing avenues for social and environmental justice within education, public discourse, and empowering community engagement with policy.

My primary research interests focus on urban environmental ethics, comparative environmental philosophy, and sustainability. My teaching and research emphasizes revisiting the traditional western philosophy canon to expand it so that it addresses gender, class, race, and environmental turns. In addition to teaching and writing, I provide local workshops, lectures and editorial services for the community. Please explore my website to learn more about my projects and opportunities for engagement.

El Perrito. Valparaíso, Chile.


At the intersection of environmental ethics and social justice, I explore urban sustainability and policy.

What are practical ways we can make change?

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Los Dientes, Cape Horn, Chile


I am a dedicated educator working to incorporate philosophy into personal and professional development to address social and environmental justice issues in our global society.

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