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This page is a research tool for students who wish to develop their research and writing skills. Please write me at if you have any questions.


Philosophy research cycle: what counts as research?

In general, a good assessment as to whether or not your are making progress in your research is if you have refined or created a new philosophical question. My courses and student research experiences are designed to pair deep reading and reflection with research in the field to provide reality and context to your query. This is not arm-chair philosophy but an applied approach that teaches you to use philosophy in you personal and professional development. Philosophy is a powerful tool that can aid in the exploration of issues, complexities and implicit assumptions that we otherwise do not have opportunities to question.

For Help with Research Check Out the Etown College Library Guide

Chicago manual of style: What's the point?

Students are often confused by citation formatting without realizing that each style provides unique insight into the research world. As a student of philosophy, you will practice the Chicago Manual of Style. A satisfying footnote well placed can provide insight into the history of an idea, context or etymology that sharpens a particular point.

Chicago Online:

Poole Style Guide for student research and writing: DOWNLOAD (Coming Soon)

Environmental Ethics Style Guide for Authors

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 SCARP Research Opportunities

Elizabethtown College students have the opportunity to conduct their own funded research project during the summer break led by a faculty advisor. I work with philosophy majors, minors and non-majors to develop the philosophical implications of their research topic. If you are interested in applying and developing a proposal, contact me (ideally at least one semester in advance). This is a competitive opportunity and the funding award is not guaranteed.

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Senior Thesis Research Projects

Philosophy majors are required to complete a senior thesis for the completion of their degree at Etown College. Students should plan their topic and select their research advisor their junior year. You should also determine if you want to complete an Honors Thesis (8 credits), or standard thesis for either two semesters (Fall and Spring) or complete a smaller project during a single term. Students will be evaluated by their senior thesis advisor and assessed by a full committee in a formal defense.

Advising in Philosophy

Students working with Dr. Poole on a research project or professional development should become familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style and purchase a copy of Eric Hoyat's "The Elements of Academic Style: Writing for the Humanities." We will work on exercises together to develop your voice as an author.